About the Book

In Handbook of Breast Health and Medical Thermography, she offers information to help women twenty-three years old and older keep their breasts healthy in a way that is preventive, safe, and radiation-free. van Broekhoven discusses preventative breast examination with medical thermography that includes:

• making healthy choices with the right information;
• understanding that ninety percent of breast diseases are caused by lifestyle;
• living relaxed and fearless with your breasts;
• understanding the importance of wellness for your breasts;
• preventative tips and self-exams;
• risk factors;
• research methods; and
• everything about breast exams with thermography.

Handbook of Breast Health and Medical Thermography answers questions no one asks about breasts. It offers a host of information about innovative and cost-effect measures to detect issues ahead of time in a society that has become victim to rising health care costs.

Many people are waking up on awareness that they can control a part of their health themselves. Yet often we are missing accurate information about what we can preemptively do to stay healthy. Will you really become healthier by running around and eating wheatgrass? Are you really doing so well with your green smoothies and gluten and sugar-free dietary products?

One thing is certain. We have become aware that we can do something for ourselves. Yet, no human being is the same as another. Our genes are different, even though we look very much alike genetically. No diet or supplement will keep us all healthy forever. We can, however, do a lot to maintain our health for as long as possible

In this book, you will read about what you can do for your breast health throughout your life and how you can safely monitor your breasts with thermography. You will also find a variety of nutrition and lifestyle tips to maintain your breast health or restore it after surgery or illness.